The Glass Is Not Half Empty

Happy Thanksgiving! It has been awhile since I have done an update but I guess it's now time to reflect back on how full our glass is. It is so easy to get in the mindset of seeing the glass half empty but it is just that...a mindset.
Since I last wrote, school has started and therefore life is a juggling act. Roman is in 5th grade and Max is in 1st.  I am teaching 3rd grade this year and I love being back in the classroom. Rick continues to work from his little office overlooking the hills:)

Football was a big part of our summer and fall. The season was a great one! Max played 6 games and scored 5 touchdowns in the season. He loved it and looks forward to playing tackle next year. Roman's team made it to the last game before Super Bowl. They did amazing and he scored an amazing touchdown which was thrown to him by his best friend. Once again, we were so thankful to be apart of such an amazing organization and we love our football family. It was nice to have so many of our family come to the games to cheer the boys on. Max was able to play a small game at half time of one of the high school games. Of course, he made the only touchdown that game! Roman made the high schooler's day by having them autograph his football. He said, "You never know, one of them could become famous one day". We are looking forward to attending the football banquet this weekend to celebrate a great season.
One of our local playgrounds got a makeover and we were able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.  One of the State Assemblyman was there and Roman of course needed a picture with him. Roman gets a little star struck even with 'local famous people'.
I am currently taking my second Grad class towards my Masters in Education. To be honest, I hate being back at school and doing the work but again, I am looking at it as my glass is half full and this will only lead to greater things.

Halloween came and went. Roman was Where's Waldo and Max was a football player. We went to the next town over to trick or treat and of course came home with way too much candy. The boys also had a Halloween party at school which is always a fun memory to make.

Rick and I had a few nights out alone. We attended a fundraiser where we had a nice dinner and were able to celebrate the Veterans. The boys spent the day with my brother and sister in law. They went to eat and saw the movie Grinch. Having family around to support and love on our kids is something I will never take for granted. The boys have also had some sleepovers with friends and their cousins. Roman has been big into baking lately. I am always cleaning up the kitchen from his pancake or muffin mess. I love that he enjoys it and teaching him to bake/cook will only be a benefit to his wife one day:)
Thanksgiving was low key. We spent the day just relaxing at home and spent a couple of hours at my parents house for dinner. It is nice to get together with the family. The kids always play and it gives the adults a chance to catch up. The big story was how many deer everyone had got so far. Rick was the winner. On opening day, he got 3 deer in one hour. It is definitely something he will remember forever. The freezer will be full and I guess his 8 pointer will soon be on my wall...well, in his office and not above the bed like he suggested.

Winter has come early this year. We have already had a snow day and a delay. I do not like the winter or snow so I am already in hibernation mode. The winters seem to be getting longer and colder each year that we are here. But, we have a warm house and food to eat so this winter will not bring me down.
Our boys are growing up and just a few days ago Roman came to us asking questions about Santa and the elves. We decided to explain it all to him. The discussion we had came with tears in my eyes. I explained to him that it is our job to carry on the joy, happiness, and magic of Christmas as Santa's helpers. When he asked why I was crying, I just told him that it is hard for me to see him grow up. He did get a little said towards the end as he stated, "I don't want to grow up." He has been an awesome big brother helping me remember to take care of our elves Charlie and Winston.
My favorite memory from Max this past month was when he was talking about mashed potatoes. He said, "I love the mashed but not the potatoes." When I questioned him about this, he said, "I just like the white mashed part but the potatoes are yucky." We were all laughing and he has no idea how much joy he brought us that night. It is little things like this that makes life meaningful. Talking about mashed potatoes, snuggling on the couch, reading a book, laughing at jokes...these are the things that I will remember...not the amount in my bank account, the bad grade in school, or the time I burnt dinner.
As this time of year makes us stop and think about all we are thankful for, I am reminded that I have so much to be thankful for. Since the start of school, we have had some hard times with different things but it is in these times, that we truly see what kind of people we are. There are some things that we just can't control and it is only when we choose to have a positive mindset that we let it go and move on. My personality drives me to make everything perfect and 'fix' all the problems. I am learning a slow lesson that I can't fix it all and make it perfect. All I can do is trust and pray that I am doing all I can do and God will do the rest. We are a masterpiece and God just may not be through with us yet. Trying to pass these values on to my kids is a big part of my day. I tell them that they are destined for great things and this world will try to get in their way. It is up to us to 'want' the best and we will mess up so many times but tomorrow is always a new day. If the glass is half empty, maybe we need to fill it up:)
We are looking forward to Christmas and the countdown is on...28 more days!!!

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