Another year has come and gone. 2018 had it's ups and downs but the great thing about that is it keeps life interesting. Life is truly like a roller coaster. You will only stay up for so long before we take the plunge down the track. It is during these downward plunges where our breath is often held and we sometimes feel scared, anxious, worried, or sick. I honestly believe that the 'highs' can not be fully enjoyed until we have had some 'lows'. My/our lows may not be as low as many others but they are still difficult times. It is for this reason, that I write the blog. I need to reflect on all the 'highs' and remind myself just how blessed and strong we are to get through whatever life throws at us. I am looking forward to this new year and all that comes with it. I don't know what is in store but I trust and believe that I will accomplish and go for whatever it is that I am suppose to do.

December was a fun filled month doing all the 'Christmasy things' that we do. The house was decorated, the tree was picked out (at night with a flashlight), our elves arrived and kept us on our toes each day, gingerbread houses were built, Christmas songs were song, Santa was visited, and gifts were purchased. We went to my parents church Christmas Eve with family and had a little get together at the house after. Christmas morning of course was exciting watching the boys open their gifts. We had dinner together with my family that night (about 30 of us) and the next morning we headed off to Rochester for a second Christmas with Rick's family. The boys were of course spoiled once again and all were jolly. We enjoyed a lot of family time over our break from school. 
We attended the Pop Warner football banquet at the beginning of the month. Both of the boys were recognized. Roman received the 'play of the year' award and Max received a trophy. It was a nice breakfast as we socialized with our football family.

Max had a sleepover at a friends house, a night out to see the new Mary Poppins movie with some family and a Christmas party where they sang songs at school which Rick was able to attend. He will be starting indoor flag football in the next couple of weeks.

Roman started basketball. He was presented his warm-up jersey from Sheriff Apple which was pretty cool. He has had a few games and once again I am so proud of all the hard work he puts in to whatever sport he plays. He is still hard on himself but he has the biggest heart and sports is such a great outlet for him. Roman also enjoyed a lot of time with friends over the break. He was able to go out hunting with Rick a couple of times and him and I took a late night trip to the airport to greet my nephew Alex back from the Air Force. It was nice to see him over Christmas and we are so proud of him. Roman has a great cousin to look up to and we will miss him as he will be in North Dakota for the next few years. The biggest memory from this past month with Roman was our trip to NYC. We took the train with Nana and did too much shopping, ate lunch, and managed to get through the crowds of the city. We met up with Aunt Lisa for lunch and took a sub ride down to the 9/11 museum. It was a great experience and we all had fun. While away in the city, Rick and Max enjoyed a day of hanging out at the YMCA, playing at Billy Bee's (an indoor park), and eating hibachi. 
I was able to get together with some friend for drinks and a movie. Girl time is so important and I don't do it enough. Rick and I also had a couple Christmas parties where we got to have some adult conversations and just enjoy each other's company. 
The year ended on a good note and we are all looking forward to the road ahead. We don't exactly know what the destination looks like but we will enjoy the ride.
Happy New Year!


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