'Marching On'

February…the shortest month of the year. Well, it actually seemed like the longest. I mean, is anyone else angry at the groundhog for getting our hopes up that spring was coming early? Ugh, it is the never ending winter. Luckily, we still had some fun and made the best of it.
We started off with my birthday. I turned 39. There is no shame and I own it. I love my birthday and celebrating my time on this earth and age is only a number. We went to my parents for dinner where my mom always makes my favorite-chicken cordon bleu and apple crisp for desert.
Valentine’s day came and went. It is really not celebrated at all in our house. I didn’t marry the most romantic guy…lol! I did make a nice dinner of the boys favorites and I lit some candles and put chocolate covered strawberries on their plates. I think they appreciated it but probably not as much as I wanted. The boys of course make valentine’s to hand out to their classmates and I just make sure to give lots of extra hugs and kisses that dayJ
I started my 3rd graduate class. I am not a fan of being back at school and doing school work but it is going well and my teaching experience has really made the classes pretty easy. It’s just finding the time to read and do the work. We will see where this takes me but for now, I am just chugging along.

Sports continue but with some change. Roman finished up basketball where the last two playoff games were amazing. I so enjoyed watching him grow in his skills this season. Max also finished up with flag football. He made an amazing touchdown the last game so we ended with lots of smiles and a trophy. Both the boys will be starting soccer soon. Practice is just beginning. Keeping them busy with sports is so good for them and they both excel with anything that has to do with athleticism. I love being a football, basketball, soccer mom…just minus the minivan.

We enjoyed a wonderful week off of school for winter break. We did not leave town but we filled it with lots of fun. We started it off with Rick and I going to dinner and a show with some family. The restaurant experience that night was horrific. I had to show my assertive side and my type A personality. It may have taken a very long time to get our food and drinks but we didn’t pay for much and I’ll just leave it at that.  The show was amazing. We saw Martin Short and Steve Martin. They were so funny and it was cool to see them after watching so many of their movies. The boys had a sleepover with friends/family that night. We spent one day hanging out at the YMCA swimming, running on the track, and playing basketball. We also got to spend some time at friends/neighbors just catching up and talking while the kids played. The boys had their dentist appointments that week and received a clean bill of health. I mean, Roman only brushes his teeth about 4 times a day so I wasn’t surprised. We decided to do something spontaneous during the break and we rented a room in a local hotel for one night. The boys had fun just hanging out exploring and getting to swim while it was snowing outside. This is something my parents used to do with us when we were little and I remember how exciting it was. I am so glad I am carrying on some of these fun traditions with my family. Rick had to work and take care of the dog so he did not stay with us but he did meet us for a night swim and brought us dinner to hang out for a little while. Roman had a couple games that week as well as attended another Sienna basketball game with friends. The end of the week was Grandpa day. Grandpa day is when my dad takes all the Francis men/boys out for the day. They enjoy breakfast, farm days in Syracuse, lunch, and a stop at Bass Pro Shop. They are treated all day and they love it. The memories they make are awesome and my dad is leaving a great legacy. 

Max turned 7 on Grandpa day. They sang to him at lunch and was treated with surprises that day. He also had some friends over that weekend for a party and a sleepover. We also went to Grandma’s where she made his desert of choice, which was vanilla cake with pink frosting. He was also spoiled by many with gifts, cards in the mail, and of course money. The money however, sits in his wallet as Max said, “kids don’t need money, they have parents.” We also celebrated my mom's birthday to end the month out.
We are ‘marching’ (no pun intended) on and looking forward to spring. With spring comes new beginnings and who doesn’t love new beginnings.
And suddenly you just know it’s time
To start something new and trust
the magic of beginnings-Unknown


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