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Things are falling into place this last month. As you know, we are moving to Texas. Rick and I went to Texas last week for some house hunting. Within 48 hours we saw 23 homes, made an offer, had offer accepted and had the inspection completed. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind but we accomplished what we set out to do…find a house that we can call home. Since things went rather quickly, we were able to take a couple of days while there and relax with our friends. We soaked up the Texas sun, found yummy places to eat, and explored around the town that we will soon call home. We will be moving the end of November, so until then…we will soak up all that New York has left to offer us.We are currently living with my parents and most of our belongings are in storage. The days may be a little hectic but we are blessed to have a place to stay during this transition until it is time for us to leave.School is obviously back in session and the boys are off to a great start in 2nd and 6th grade. They are loving their teachers and I am so proud of the effort, good attitude, and hard work they have both put into this school year so far. 

We are well into the football season. The boy’s teams are doing awesome. Roman is 4-0 and Max is 3-0-1. They are both playing hard. We love our football family and it will be a hard good bye come the end of this season. As far as the Patriots go…we have enjoyed watching them play and once again they look like they will have a great season. The boys are excited to attend one of their games as soon as we get to Texas.

This past month we have celebrated more birthdays, hung out with family, and basically revolved our schedules around football (which we wouldn’t have any other way). Rick and I spent the night in Saratoga a couple weeks ago to attend his cousins wedding. It was a fun night out in a beautiful town.
This past weekend we took a spontaneous little day trip up to the Catskill Mountains. The boys have never been. It was a beautiful drive up the mountain. Once there, we had a yummy lunch and strolled the streets and looked at some antiques. The intention of going was to do some 'leaf peeping'. The boys thought that was silly...I guess it is a sign of us getting old:)As I reflect on the boys and how fast they are growing, I want to make sure to hold on to as many memories as I can. I am soaking up every second that Max wants to snuggle and lay with me in bed. I am happy to put down my phone when he wants to play a game. I am eager to ‘chill’ with Roman right before bed to answer all his questions. These days will not come again and I see how they are passing so quickly. I found myself getting annoyed at Roman the other day because he always has so many questions and needs to know all the details about EVERYTHING. When I told him he asks to  many questions, his response was, ‘Well, I need all the supporting details”. I laughed out loud. Not only did his response make me laugh as a teacher (you might only get this if you are a teacher) but it made me stop and realize that he needs to know things. This is what makes him ‘him’. As frustrated as I may get…with either of the boys, I want to make sure I am giving them everything they need and that may just include all the supporting details.With all these changes going on, we are all still trying to process just what is about to happen. There are so many mixed emotions. Max is super excited to move (mainly because of the pool at our house) and Roman has not received enough ‘supporting details’ to understand why we are making the move. I am caught somewhere in the middle as I want and need this change but feel sad that I am about to move my boys away from things that do make them happy. It is for the best but for now, it is ok to feel the way we all feel. Things always work out how they are suppose too and we are just along for the ride. I said this to Roman the other day when he got down on himself during football, ‘Don’t let today’s disappointments make a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams’. This is so true for just about any situation.Latest Photos


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