More Laughs and Less Tears

I just want to spend the rest of my life LAUGHING!!! Yes, this is exactly what I want and although we don't always get what we want, we can sure try. One reason for writing this blog is to focus on what exactly made me laugh...reflect on all the good and renew my subscription for a happy life.
We are all settled into our new 'Texas Life'. Right before Thanksgiving we adventured on a three day road trip across half the country in search of our next chapter in our lives. We have settled into the 'livable forest' in Kingwood, Texas. The trip down was smooth and thanks to my brother and sister-in-law we had many laughs and maybe a few tears.

Our first weekend here we were able to go see the Patriots play against the Texans here in Houston. The outcome was not what we wanted but it was fun to see some of our favorite players and although defeat is hard, it is exactly what we need sometimes to make us appreciate what we had, what we still have, and what we can have. The defeat continued as the Patriots were knocked out of the playoffs and as you may guess, this is hard for us to swallow in this house. However, I am taking it as a blessing. This is a great lesson for our boys to see defeat, settle with those feelings, and learn how to deal with life when it doesn't go the way you want. Yes, if it takes football to start to teach these lessons, then that is what it takes.
The move didn't come without bumps. Furniture we ordered did not arrive on time or even near the time they said. We also had a small leak from the bath tub but these things were not going to stop us. The boys were out of school for two weeks so needless to say, some boredom was kicking in as they had not yet established friends and we were busy setting up the house. Within a few weeks, the furniture arrived, the kids were in school, and we were settled into our new normal.
Both the boys enjoyed their first two weeks of school here. They transitioned better than I hoped so for that I am grateful. Roman received his first few grades on assignments and we couldn't be more proud of how he did. Max rides his bike to school each morning as it is just down the road and through the trail. We have been riding a lot of bikes and staying fit here could be a pretty easy thing. I was able to join him at school for his Christmas party where I got to meet some more families and get to know his classmates.

Christmas break has been long but I have tried to fit in many activities to start making our memories here. We went to a local farm and enjoyed some Christmas lights with some friends, made a gingerbread house, made Christmas cookies, watched our elves and all their shenanigans, and enjoyed a Christmas service at a local church.
We have already found some new friends here on our street. This is a blessing as the more we surround ourselves with love and support, the better. Having old friends here as well as been amazing and their friends have welcomed us as well. Having an instant 'friend family' when you move half way across the country is something you can only smile about.
Rick's mom and Ted visited us for Christmas. We enjoyed each other's company and Christmas dinner was a huge hit with an amazing surf and turf dinner. Santa was of course very good to the boys and all of us and we are thankful for our first holiday in this new home and the memories already made.
After Christmas, Rick and his friend went to Arkansas for a day to search for diamonds. Yes, this is a thing and yes they did this. No diamonds were found but for a day, our hopes were high:) We also enjoyed some ice skating at a local rink. Knowing how to dress for ice skating on a 70 degree day was one of the biggest challenges here so far:)

This new year is going to be a year of laughter. LAUGHTER-this is my word for 2020. Now, it doesn't seem possible right now but I have subscribed to the laughter and happiness way and am determined to be successful. Life is so hard sometimes, life seems so unfair sometimes, life throws us curve balls when we don't know how to hit them, and life forces us to face things we don't have the tools for.'s ok and we can still find the good and laugh. MOST of my days are great and SOME are bad. This year I am subscribing to the MOST and unsubscribing from the SOME. Cheers to more laughs and less tears!!!
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