Growing Up

The year has started off with what has seemed like the longest month ever. Like I wrote in the last blog, I am focusing on laughter this month. Yes, there were laughs this month but for some reason, when you verbalize what it is you want to work on, it is like the universe will somehow try to test you and throw things in your way. Those things will not stop the laughter though...we will continue to look for opportunities to keep the smiles alive and focus on what is important.
We kicked off the new year hanging out with friends at two different parties. It has been such a blessing to have an instant family of friends after moving 1700 miles away. The boys are also making new friends and have been spending a lot of time playing with them. Although, they still miss their friends from back home and often speak of them.

We joined the YMCA where Rick and I have been able to get back into working out consistently, the kids are swimming a couple days a week, I am enjoying a weekly hot yoga class, and both boys are involved in flag football at the moment. Roman is QB for his team and he is doing amazing. He has already been given the nickname 'Elway' by his coach and his team is currently 2-1. We are focusing on him becoming more of a leader and being positive even when things don't go as planned. Max is also playing and had to move up a level as he was too advanced for his age group. He is playing all different positions and this past weekend he made two touchdowns. Although his team is down 3-1, he is playing excellent and that is all we can ask for. Like we always say to the boys, 'as long as you do your job, that is all you can do.'
With keeping the momentum of laughter alive, we have to sometimes be intentional and literally remind ourselves of what and who are important in our lives. We tend to take so much for granted and we need to stop and literally make ourselves show appreciation and make time for smiles. Rick and I have decided to be more intentional with out marriage and we are currently working on a 30 day marriage challenge. Each day there is a task or small token of appreciation we are to do for each other. It sounds silly that this is what we are doing...but, like I said...we need to be intentional and if that means to put a challenge in front of us to force us to come back to the place where we were when we first met and always had those butterfly feelings, then that is what we need to do. He is my best friend and although we don't always feel like it, we choose to love each other every. single. day.
We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl, even though it was sad to not be watching the Patriots. But I will say, it was so much more relaxing watching it as there was no stress. We had our annual party with new friends this year. The boys are on another break this week from school. The weather has been gorgeous so we have been outside a lot, playing with friends, riding bikes, and exploring new places.
As I reflect back on this past month, I am reminded how fast the boys are growing up and holding on to these moments (even the hard ones) are so important. We will never get this time back and as they get older, the snuggles and 'I love yous' are getting farther and farther apart. A few days ago I shared on Instagram my thought process as I was picking Max up from school one day. I wrote, "You are waiting for the bell to ring...anticipating seeing the blue eyes and smile. You see him. Running towards you. Your arms are ready to wrap around him and ask about his day. He is getting closer. The jacket flings your way in hopes you catch it. He jumps on his bike and yells for his friends to wait. The next thing you are walking home alone. I'm sad. I'm proud. I am raising a boy who is facing the world. He is happy. We are happy. We will get the big in later."
This is the picture that depicts this moment in time.

Roman-this first born son of mine turned 12 this month. We had a party at the house with friends and then that weekend he invited some friends and spent a few hours at a trampoline park.  Nana and Ted were also in town again to celebrate with us. I read an article the other day about how boys turning 12 is a huge turning point in their life and almost overnight they change (and not always for the best). So much of that article is true but he has proven it wrong in one aspect, he is still loving and will kiss me and say I love you. He has the biggest heart and I am so proud to be his mom. He puts me through hell sometimes and makes me want to run away forever but our bond is so strong, I would go to hell and back for him. He is my heart walking outside of my body. I want nothing more for him in his life than to be happy. I always tell him that he must have a big job to do one day that he has already been faced with so much as a child. He doesn't give up and I know he will be something greater (because he is already great) one day. If people could see half the heart that I see in him, they would fall in love. His teacher complimented him the other day and said how big his heart was when they were discussing some historical events. He had such great questions and concerns for the injustice of the world. Another thing he has started doing (completely on his own) which has brought a smile to my face is handing out water to the garbage men each time they come. We don't leave for school until he hands them their water. I mean, it seems so small but if we all just did one small thing consistently, what a better place this world would be. He is teaching me more than I believe I am teaching him. Being a mom is no small task but I will take the challenge and continue to be the best #boymom that I know how to be.
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